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    KazzleDazz Top Oscar Looks

    I’m not gonna focus on the best and worst because you can find that anywhere and half the time those sites are wrong! (#theworldaccordingtokazzle anyways) So forget about Sandra Bullock’s horrendous dress or Angelina Jolie’s spaghetti arms, let’s just focus on the Red Carpet looks that gave us life!

    J. Lo looked STUNNING in Zuhair Murad. Who else is looking this good in their 40’s?

    Rooney Mara is already a classic. Her style is signature - structured garments, bare of accessories, and a red lip. I love her in Givenchy.

    Rose Bryne is the definition of sexy chic in this black sequin Vivienne Westwood number.

    Rose’s Bridesmaid co-star, Ellie Kemper also shined Oscar night in this Armani Prive dress. I love how it matches her hair — it works so well!

    Another sparkle favorite is Kelly Osbourne in Badgley Mischka. I’m feeling that purple hair. The whole look is so youthful, fun, and trendy!

    LOVE LOVE LOVE! Michelle Williams is a classic beauty in this coral Louis Vuitton dress.

    Milla Jovovich is EVERYTHING that is Hollywood glamour. Only Elie Saab of course!

    Clooney’s latest smash  Stacy Keibler looked like the Oscar trophy in this gorgeous Marchesa dress. What sold me was the rose at the hip!

    Octavia Spencer in Tadashi Shoji. This dress truly complements her figure. She’s been faithful to Tadashi all award season and we see why! Find what works and stick with it!

    Gwyneth Paltrow just slays them. Without any effort, she just slays. No sequin, no ruffles, nope. Just a simple white Tom Ford dress with a cape, clean makeup and she still slays them all. The QUEEN of effortless chic!

    Here a few beauty looks that caught the eye:

    Penelope Cruz looked so charming. The classic hair, light makeup, and beautiful jewels made her look like the ultimate movie star.

    Loved Viola Davis’ natural hair! The brown hair color almost blends into her skin making her glow even more!

    Diddy looked good too. I loved his hair!

    E! spoke with celebrity stylists and some fresh faced starlets for their insight of what was on the Red Carpet. FYI: I only care what the professionals thought — they kept it real. Celebrity stylist, Jessica Paster was right on point with her review of Melissa McCarthy’s ensemble. It’s not flattering to her figure. There’s just too much fabric.

    I’m gonna say it: People who said she looked nice only said so for empathy, because she is the “big girl”. They did the same with Gabourey Sidibe when she was the mega star and wore unflattering dresses. Fashion should be fair and square! 

    Oh and can we talk about….


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    69th Annual Golden Globes: Red Carpet Review

    You know what’s better than the Golden Globes award show? The Red Carpet show….and Housewives of Atlanta…and Kourtney and Kim Take NY. The stars wowed everyone with elegant gowns, classic makeup looks, and simple and beautiful hairdos. I truly can not name anyone (worth mentioning anyways) who looked completely horrible. There were some questionable looks, yes, but overall it was a beautiful Red Carpet. Let’s break em’ down:

    Belles of the Ball

    Angelina Jolie does it in Atelier Versace

    Claire Danes in J Mendel

    Charlize Theron in Dior…of course!

    Dianna Agron in Giles

    Emma Stone in Lanvin

    Lea Michele knows you live for her! Gagging you in Marchesa (she’s been quite a Marchesa girl now hasn’t she?)

    Maria Menounos  is giving everything in the bright yellow bodycon! Love it!

    Currently swooning over Michelle Williams (just saw My Week with Marilyn). She looks super adorable in Jason Wu

    YES MAM! Sofia Vergara shows off her coveted curves in Vera Wang.

    Tilda Swinton can do no wrong. She will not follow the trend or crowd and you will love it. You are now loving her in Haider Ackermann. 

    Jane Fonda is a bad B. 74? Are you even looking like this at 24? 

    "Memorable" Looks

    You can’t review Madge, you just can’t! This Reem Arcra dress is indeed memorable. Very grunge. I see sparkle garbage can, but that’s just me. 

    Missi Pyle in this yellow dress….hmm. I hated it at first but now I think she looks like a cute chickadee! 

    This Gucci dress is AMAZING but not so much on Salma Hayek. Of course she’s still hot but nothing fits her better than body hugging gowns. She’s a bit too busty for this. With such a small waist she looks like she would topple over!

    Sarah, where is your Prinze to save you? This Monique Lhuillier dress is so pretty but not for you! It’s a bit much for the red carpet. The color also does not compliment her skin tone. It’s not terrible but it could’ve been better. 

    In the Nude

    Flesh tones and pale pinks seemed to be the trend last night!

    Elle Macpherson in Zac Posen

    Giuliana Rancic in Basil Soda

    Jessica Biel in Elie Saab

    Mary J. Blige in Michael Kors

    Fine Men 

    Ricky Gervais dressed in dark red — all he needed were horns.

    Jason Stackhouse Ryan Kwanten wore a velvet suit. You gotta love a man who tries to step outside the norm!

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    Alexander McQueen/Barlas Baylar Event

    Last night was one of the most amazing nights I’ve had in a while! I attended an exclusive showing of the latest collections from Alexander McQueen and furniture designer, Barlas Baylar of Hudson Furniture. What’s funny is I just learned about the furniture designer about a couple weeks ago when I spotted his signature chandeliers in a boutique. What are the odds that I would be attending his swanky soiree only soon after! 

    It was rainy last night yet the the evening was lovely. My friend and I were greeted with a glass of wine and bruschetta — yes I was so ready. **Note - Key to my heart is fashion, food, and liquor. The event was held at both designer’s meatpacking showrooms — Alexander Mcqueen downstairs and Hudson Furniture store upstairs (this is where the new collection was held). Naturally, we began our night downstairs at the McQueen store. The fashion was drop dead amazing of course. It was my first time viewing the Fall/winter collection up close. It was EVERYTHING.

    I entered a raffle for this clutch. I need it.

    So as we are making our way upstairs, LIFE was given. Kelly Cut-Throat Cutrone, my spiritual mentor, my business guru, my motha, my love passes me and by then I’m already a bit buzzed so confidence came out and I say “HEY KELLY!”. She  was super cool and said “Hey kids!”. From there I decided that this woman will be my friend by the end of the night. Stay tuned for the ending of this story.

    Anyway I go upstairs and view the amazing McQueen Resort 2012 collection and Barlas Baylar’s lastest collection. It was all I wanted and more. 

    So I see Kelly Cutrone again and this time she comes to me! When I say a third of my LIFE was given…If Beyonce would have came in next I wouldn’t be here ya’ll. Because my life would have been complete. Anywho, Kelly and I were really talking it up. She’s so amazing! I didn’t take a pic with her because the conversation was going so well I didn’t want to turn into a fan — I told you guys I’m trying to be here friend! LISTEN.

    THEN she says Willow Smith was in the building. So of course I found her.

    She is soooo adorable!

    Other faces I saw was Rosci Diaz and Sherlen Archibald. 

    The night was full of fashion, fun, drinks, and surprises! I definitely didn’t know what was in store that day.  I hope you all enjoyed my story and the flicks!

    For a more refined cover of this story, read my firstVIEW article!

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    You can hate and say they are famous for nothing but these sisters are predicted to become billionaires by next year! Yeah, get in.

    -The Kardashian Kollection at Sears will bring in between $200 to $300 million in its 1st year, and they’re expanding

    -Kardashian perfumes bring in about $50 million per year, and they’re coming out with more!

    -Other profitable business include K-Dash QVC clothing line, Kim’s Belle Noel jewelry collection, Australian handbag line, and a nail polish line with OPI, which will launch on Black Friday 

    [via PerezHilton]

    That’s only a few of their many businesses! I have to say I have a high level of respect for the Kardashians. Sure, Kim K made her debut in not the most dignified way but she took something terrible and turned it into something wonderful. The way I see it is, hey if people are gonna sit and point and talk about you you might as well give them something to talk about, and watch, and buy. When life gives ya lemons….

    I am happy for the Kardashian fam! On their way to wealth! 

    Let this be a lesson: Ex-boyfriends,  videotapes, E!, and big asses can change lives. 

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    MTV VMAs Black Carpet Review

    I broke it down to the Good, the Bad, and the ugly because that’s the best way I could describe what was on that carpet. Fortunately there was more good than anything else. Let’s get into it!

    The Good

    Selena Gomez had everyone going bonkers over this lacey black dress! If anyone knows the designer of this dress let me know ASAP!

    Justina Bieber looked amazing. She has so much funk and swag, check the shoes!

    Beyonce surprised everyone when she revealed her adorable baby bump! She wore a red Lanvin caftan dress. 

    Zoe Saldana looked effortlessly sexy in this Barbar Bui dress.

    Katy Perry looked absolutely adorable wearing an Asian inspired Atelier Versace dress.

    Kelly Rowland gets better and better each appearance! Loving this look.

    Unlike her female co-stars, Jersey Shore’s Sammi looked stunning!

    Adele looks classic in Barbara Tfank.

    Tyga always reminds me of that flashy uncle that everyone has, the one that smells like 3 different types of cologne and always got a pinky ring on. He looked fab though!

    Kat Deluna looked so cute for her first VMA. She’s wearing a dress from designer (and dear friend of mine :-]) Jose Duran.

    The Bad

    There is nothing right about a man wearing a bedazzled sweater. Was not feeling this look Neyo.

    Miley Cyrus just never gets it right. She looks 15+ years her age in this Roberto Cavalli dress.

    Jojo would’ve looked great in this Marco Marco dress if the sides of the dress weren’t so big. 

    Britney Spears just doesn’t put effort in anymore. 

    The Ugly (Not for the faint of heart)

    Deena looked TACKY. If tacky had a symbol, this would be it. She looked like Rainbow Brite gone wrong! And if you look closely, you will see she even had neon green eye contacts. Ugh! 

    Snooki looks like a Las Vegas casino tramp. I know that was harsh, but that’s the only way I could describe it.

    Man…I really think Sammi was the Cinderella of the night and the other Jersey Shore girls were the ugly stepsisters. JWoWW looked like a drag mother with that makeup and dress.

    Nicki Minaj’s Harajuki inspired outfit looked like an explosion of anime, candy, and bad choices. 

    This girl bothers me.  Kreyshawn was giving you hood couture wearing your local gift shop’s Looney Tunes dress and a synthetic wig. Girl, goodbye.

    Get more life and giggles from a special Sincerely A Bitch review done by moi!  :-)

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    2011 MTV VMA’s Recap


    The Jersey Shore got another check

    The cast did Black Carpet Interviews wearing the finest garments! 

    Justina Beiber and her girlfriend get freaky

    That snake conversation made me feel very uncomfortable.


    Tyler the Creator, America. America, Tyler the Creator. Yes this is your kids’ role model…


    Beyonce is PREGNANT


    The Show

    Lady Gaga

    Unfortunately Lady Gaga could not attend last night’s VMAs :-(. So she got her special friend “Jo Calderone” to perform and accept her awards on behalf of her (-_-). “Jo” did an amazing performance nonetheless. She, err he, is truly one of the most creative spirits I’ve ever come across. The theatrics were not weird to me, it was ingenious! Way to really get into character!


    The inventors of swag, Kanye and Jay-Z hit the stage for a surprise performance of Otis. The stage had flames, lights, and….stage crashers? Did anyone catch the two guys who ran up on stage? Ha! Hilarious. The performance was dopelicious, swagalicious, and all that good stuff.

    Chris Brown

    Chris Brown lip-synched. Yes, I know he was doing crazy, fast-paced dances but he still lip-synched. Not even to a live performance recording but to his album track! #shameonyou

    Jessie J

    Jessie J had a minor disability last night but she said “eff that! I am gonna perform, I am gonna slay these covers, I am gonna teach you my songs, and you will listen and you will love”. #YASS! She performed from that chair with her crutches and all way better than some of these artists who can actually move their legs on the stage.

    Britney Spears

    Britney Spears was majorly hyped up in the promos of the award show. I so thought she would perform. Wouldn’t that make sense? Anywho, as she does best nowadays, she sat down with a confused look on her face. She received a rushed tribute done by children in women’s lingerie costumes, got hit on by Jo Calderone, and recited her heartfelt, grateful, thank you speech….from a teleprompter.  And that’s not all the woman of the hour did. This honoree and Jo Calderone presented a true tribute to the next performer, BEYONCE. MTV def went to the nearest public school and gathered those performers for a speedy tribute to make room for Queen B (a last minute addition to the show). Now that’s power.


    Beyonce wanted us “to feel the love growing inside of her” (her words!). It was an amazing LIVE (Rih Rih, Britney, and now CHRIS, take note!) performance. Beyonce is now 2 people and she still has enough breath to sing live. She performed one of my favorite songs, “Love on Top”. At the end she revealed her growing belly and Jay and Kanye went crazy! It was a beautiful sight; you could just feel their joy!

    Lil Wayne

    Little Wayne hopped around the stage wearing leggings. Yeah, that’s all.

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    All I See is Stars

    The stars must be aligned! Our favorite music divas have been gracing the pages of magazines rocking amazing celestial prints (courtesy of Dolce & Gabbana).

    Beyonce shines on the cover of Instyle's September issue wearing this stunning Dolce & Gabbana star studded dress. It’s glam, bam, sexy, and sassy! Who else but Bey?


    Beyonce’s BFF Kelly Rowland has also been quite the star spangled diva. Ms. Rowland is featured in the latest issue of Grazia wearing another Dolce & Gabbana dress. (Man, D&G dresses em’ as they see em’…like stars!)

    Lily Allen gets uber sexy on the cover of Elle UK's August Issue. The LDN rocker twinkles in this Dolce & Gabbana lace-cutout star dress!

    Sidenote…seems as if the D&G star power is also spreading off the pages…

    Fergie Ferg looks adorable at the 2011 Teen Choice Awards!


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    2011 CFDA

    Swarovski Award for Menswear winner Robert Geller, Swarovski Award for Accessory Design winner Eddie Borgo, and Swarovski Award for Womenswear winner Prabal Gurung

    Fashion Icon winner. Lady Gaga…OF COURSE…in custom Mugler….OF COURSE.

    Accessory Designer of the Year Alexander Wang, with Iris Apfel. 


    BTW…did you see Chanel Iman?

    This dress is everything. 

    ***Also check out the amazing images captured by Tommy Ton!

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    Taylor wore her typical nude/glitter gown.

    Kelly looks amazing!

    Aw Michelle is cute!

    Well. It’s Ke$ha! *Nicki Voice*

    I mean it’s Nicki. Were you expecting anything different?

    Simple…Love the signature trophy pose Bey!

    Fergie had an interesting piece but I don’t  think it was for her..

    Mi no gusta Mary J Blige, mi no gusta!

    Keri…..pick a image and stick to it. First you are a tomboy, then a “vixen”, then a 50’s girl, now a girly girl? I would do a rant post on how you confuse everyone with your inconsistency but….too much work. shrugs

    Everyone loved this D&G on Ms Selena Gomez…its ok to me. Love the shoes though!

    Rihanna looks flawless. All white everythang.

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    Rihanna and Britney perform S&M…I missed it. I was told there was nothing to miss..meh

    Black Eyed Peas….Fergie’s vocals were outrageous. Dam Africa what happened? #meangirlsquoteFTW

    Justina Bieber and her girlfriend Selena Gomez make kissy face!

    Beyonce debuts life-changing powerpoint presentation. There is no time for me to discuss this awesome awesomeness. She gave me so much, so much LIFE. 

    Beyonce thanks the little people Destiny’s Child and professes her love to Jay-Z. This was just an emotional moment. I am happy for her success. She deserves it! 

    This tweet gave me the ultimate tickle!

    Cee-Lo Green defies the laws of physics, gravity, and all sense as we know it. 

    Nicki Minaj made funny faces, had barbie clones, antics, you know the usual.

    Britney decided to show up and lip sync for a minute. 

    Honestly I stopped watching after a while…I mean Beyonce after left, what else was there to watch? I waited for Nicki then I was out! 

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    BillBoard Millinennium Award winner, Beyonce, has revealed exclusive deets on her new album during an interview with Billboard.


    Beyonce is naming her upcoming album “4”

    The new album is called “4.” Aside from this being your fourth solo album, what significance does that number hold?
    We all have special numbers in our lives, and 4 is that for me. It’s the day I was born. My mother’s birthday, and a lot of my friends’ birthdays, are on the fourth; April 4 is my wedding date.

    How did the creative process begin with the new body of work?

    I recorded more than 60 songs: everything I ever wanted to try, I just did it. I started off being inspired by [Afrobeat music pioneer] Fela Kuti. I actually worked with the band from “Fela!” [the hit Broadway musical based on his life] for a couple of days, just to get the feel for the soul and heart of his music; it’s so sexy, and has a great groove you get lost in. I loved his drums, all the horns, how everything was on the one. What I learned most from Fela was artistic freedom: he just felt the spirit. I also found a lot of inspiration in ’90s R&B, Earth, Wind & Fire, DeBarge, Lionel Richie, Teena Marie… I listened to a lot of Jackson 5 and New Edition, but also Adele, Florence + the Machine, and Prince. Add in my hip-hop influences, and you can hear how broad it is. I also gave myself more freedom to really belt out some songs, and bring soul singing back: I used a lot of the brassiness and grittiness in my voice that people hear in my live performances, but not necessarily on my records.

    So she really IS gonna have a 90’s flow! Remember that was just hearsay now its Bey-say! 

    I’m happy she is experimenting with new sounds and rhythms. I can’t say I’m a big fan of the first single, “Run The World (Girls)”, but I’m sure Beyonce and her creole magic powers will take me under with the video! 

    "A Star is Born" is an appropriate choice, as it follows the rise of a female singer to stardom. What have been your milestones on the way up?

    I would say when Destiny’s Child worked with Wyclef Jean on “No, No, No Part 2” - we were so young and green and in awe of everything, and couldn’t wait to sing for him. And winning our Grammy for “Say My Name” was incredible. I remember hearing the song on the radio for the first time: I felt like “Wow, this sounds like a classic - something that will be around forever.” Those melodies and that fast, staccato way of singing created a new style; it inspired a whole movement in R&B. Being part of that was amazing.

    After all those achievements, what was it like going solo?

    Scary and empowering! Everyone in the group was very nervous, and terrified to do things on our own. We missed each other; it was hard having to make your own decisions and not have someone there to say, “I agree” or “I don’t agree.” But going through that is a part of life; it was a big first step for me, but one of many first steps I’m sure I’ll have. I kind of feel like that now again.

    I’m approaching 30, and finally took a break in my life, which I’ve never had. I took more than a year off: I traveled around, spent time with my husband, woke up in my own bed, ate whatever I wanted, went to museums and Broadway plays, watched documentaries, and just had life experiences. I never get to go to concerts because I’m usually performing, so I saw so many shows - great bands, like Muse and Rage Against the Machine, that also inspired the album. There were a lot of artists I’d never been exposed to: I’m like a sponge and soak everything up, and I learned so much from watching these great performers. Having time to grow as a human being was really inspiring, and gave me a lot to pull from. I’m excited about growing: I can just have fun, and the artistic freedom to do whatever I want. At this point, I really know who I am, and don’t feel like I have to put myself in a box. I’m not afraid of taking risks - no one can define me.

    Beyonce is truly an artist, she really digs deep and finds new inspiration. This woman works hard as if it’s her last chance. She never gets too comfortable. This album will be amazing! 

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    MET GALA 2011


    Always adorable! Chanel Iman in Dolce & Gabbana.

    Isabel Lucas looks like a goddess in Louis Vuitton.

    Love. Jourdan Dunn in a custom Burberry dress…All Burberry everythang!

    YASSSS Crystal Renn!! Posin’ in Zac Posen *ha ha* Ain’t I a riot?!

    Liv Tyler is Giving Me so much LIFE in this Givenchy Haute Couture by Ricardo Tisci gown. 

    This dress is ridiculous! YASS! Naomi in Alexander McQueen.

    Salma Hayek looks beautiful in the Alexander Mcqueen gown.

    YES BEYONCE! She’s wearing Emilio Pucci. I was with her stylist, Ty, today. This man had so much on his plate today yet remained so chill as always :-). She looks great Ty!

    Ashley Olsen never fails to impress! She looks breathtaking in this vintage Christian Dior Haute Couture gown. But are those shoes too big? lol sorry! I have a major eye for detail! SHE LOOKS AMAZING THOUGH!  

    Dakota Fanning look KAUUUTTTE in Valentino!

    J. Hud…you…better….WORK! She glows in Vera Wang!

    I swear this chick is his #1 muse! Karl in Tom Ford and Blake in Chanel Haute Couture of course!

    FINALLY! A variation of her character outfit! Janelle Monae in Chanel.

    Taylor Swift looks so Old Hollywood in J. Mendel

    Amazing…just amazing! Shalom Harlow wearing Marchesa.

    Photo Cred: ELLE

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    KazzleDazz’s Oscar’s 2011 Red Carpet Review

    Hey All!

    Kazzledazz here giving you my take on what was on the Red Carpet for this years Academy Awards. Nothing makes me more happy than to sit at home and watch the rich and famous big people stand and look pretty for cameras and have awkward mini interviews with Red Carpet correspondents! This must be what life is all about huh? *sigh* Anywho! The chosen ones did not disappoint! Lets take a look!

    Lets start with the best looks:

    Now…Mila Kunis looked adorable! She rocked a lacey lavender Elie Saab gown. This is what I call “classy sexy” . The delicate lace trim and flow of the dress gave much romantic appeal but the barely there bust coverage gave it sex appeal!

    Hilary Swank wore a gorgeous Gucci Premiere couture strapless gown. Stunning!

    Hailee Steinfield in Marchesa! This is what young Hollywood should look like! She’s looks so fashion forward and glamorous  yet she doesn’t look like 16 going on 45…..Miley. Moving along…

    Jen! Jen! You are giving me SO MUCH LIFE right now! Your Effie days are finally over! YASSSS! Ms. Hudson arrived sans Punk (remember him? Its ok.) in a beautiful tangerine Versace gown. She looked so Hollywood! You, my dear, are the American Idol! Good for you!  ** Sidenote: Needs better boob support (just saying!)

    Say what you will about Ms. Florence Welch but you can’t judge someone who has a distinct character. She is very boho and classic; so of course she would don a vintage style!  Valentino!

    Hey Halle! Hey Halle! Asthma! The Red Carpet queen is wearing champagne shimmery Marchesa corset gown. 

    Gwyneth Paltrow looked so cool and effortless in this Calvin Klein number. What I really loved were her earrings! I am a sucker for some good jewelry!

    Another effortless look was Michelle Williams in a Chanel Haute Couture white beaded gown. I love!

    Copyright for this picture! Camila Alves looked amazing in Kaufman Franco. 

    Is this chick not a bombshell!?!? My goodness she looks amazing and flawless in this red Calvin Klein body conscious dress. I love! Girl crush maybe? I’ll stick with Beyonce & Nicki Minaj.

    Cate Blanchett in this awesome Givenchy Couture dress. I personally think this dress will look better on someone else more youthful because this dress is wearing her and not the other way around. A blonde Rihanna would wear that dress lovely. 

    Anne has been killing it all night! My favorite from her is the white jeweled  dress she wore during her first presentation.  Anne Hathaway is such a classic starlet and this red Valentino gown just keeps reminding us! 

    Ok…MY FAVORITE of the night. Mandy Moore looked so etheral and almost magical in this dress. I live for those mesh top dresses, so elegant! Dress by Monique Lhuillier. 

    Cant forget about the Guys!

    Justin Timberlake in Tom Ford and Andrew Garfield looking dashing in Louis Vuitton. 

    Now for the ones that just missed the mark:

    Marisa Tomei in a 1950 couture Charles James dress from Lily et Cie. The bottom is lovely but the neckline is so so high. Had it been a lower necklace she would’ve been ok…wouldn’t have made my “Best List” but I guess. 

     Natalie Portman….I’m just waiting for you to have the ultimate lovely pregnancy gown. You, my dear, are not giving me life. Good day. (FYI- Rodarte dress)

    Scarlett Johansson in a Dolce & Gabbana gown. I love this whole look. My only concern is the bust area…If it was not so sheer I would have loved it!

    Amy Adams is so cute and petite and I wish her stylist would understand that. She needs to get with Mila Kunis’ stylist. She is too small for this dress and much of what she has been wearing on the Red Carpet lately hasn’t been doing her justice. Beautiful color and dress but not for her. And I just want to take that necklace and toss it!

    Sandra Bullock should have worn a dress with a better fit for her bust. She didn’t quite fill amazing Vera Wang dress.

    And of course…the worst :

    Awful! This whole season, Nicole Kidman has been a mess. She looked great for the Grammys….why not look good for something you’re nominated for?  Dior Couture gown…if you’re wondering. 

    Sunrise Coigney did not pull of this edgy look well.  The fit wasn’t there, the essence wasn’t there. She did not own this look nor did she give me life. Boo! 

    Overall, there were a lot of great looks tonight! The show was pretty decent, few laughs and smiles. My favorite star of the night is hands-down Anne Hathaway…all looks have been a KazzleDazz fav!  Well thats all for the Oscars for now! Check out the blog this week for my daily inspirations and things that Give..Me..Life!   


    KazzleDazz (follow me on Twitter @Kazzledazz) 

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