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    Rihanna wears Mercura NYC sunglasses at Radio 1′s Hackney Weekend June 24th, 2012

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    Gimme All Your Luvin’!

    Have you seen Madonna’s latest video? Madge can never and will never stop. While you were being amazed by imitation crab Lady Gaga, the Queen of Pop was plottin’! This is just the beginning of another Madonna reign (remember when she made another comeback with “Hung Up”? Amazing)! 

    "Give Me All Your Luvin’" features the colorful Nicki Minaj and badass fashionista M.I.A. - just knowing these features alone made me want to buy a download! 

    The song is your typical high-pitched trance Madonna song with a catchy hook. Nicki brings her Roman persona into the mix (not her best verse but eh..) and M.I.A. spoke and sounded cool as always. The video is themed for this weekend’s Superbowl. Nicki and M.I.A. dress as cheerleaders and Madge plays a superstar being guarded by football players. Very cutesy, a splash of slutty, I loved it.  My favorite part was the Marilyn Monroe inspired scene. BTW lace overlay is a trend on crack right now.

    Check out the video!

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    Pastels or Neon?

    Neon is so last season! Easter bunny hues are so in for SS12. I’ve been a fan of the bright neon for a while but there’s something so sweet and delicate about pastels that I have to choose this trend as #1 for Spring. Pastels are so muted, pretty, dainty, and have such a lux tone to it.

    Ralph Lauren

    I don’t know about you, but I’m so over the look at me bright outrageous colors in the summer (well…ok I’m not that over it but it’s a good time for change). This Spring/Summer I want to look cool and relaxed and pastel tones just does it!


    What are your thoughts: #TeamPastels or #TeamNeon? 

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    Greatest Fashion Moments of 2011

    2011 was full of fashion news! From Versace for H&M to talks of Marc Jacobs taking over Dior to major fashion statements from our favorite stars, this year was jammed packed with style. Let’s take a moment and reflect on the looks that had us gagging all year!


    Beyonce came back with a vengeance. Amazing album, tons of music videos, a few concerts, and a baby on the way! Her 4 album debut music video "Girls (Who Run The World)" was the most fashionable video of the year! She grabbed us in with her LARUICCI claws and had us begging for more. Every lady and queen was proud to be a girl!

    And you can’t talk about fashion without Rihanna. Our favorite pop dominatrix has released yet another album Talk That Talk. Rih’s latest look is very grunge. The punk LDN look works very well for her don’t you think? I’m excited to see what she’ll do next year! 

    Red Carpet

    Mila Kunis looked so delicate and sexy in this Elie Saab number. Definitely one of my personal favorites of the year. 

    Shalom Harlow graced the red carpet in Marchesa at the MET Gala. 

    Kerry Washington looked so va-va-voom at the Emmy’s wearing this red Zahair Murad ensemble.

    Magazine Covers

    Russh’s 39th issue is so dreamy and colorful.  Jessica Stam looks almost like a painting!

    Abbey Lee channels Twiggy on the cover of i-D’s Fall 2011 issue. Best Twiggy portrayal I’ve seen. 

    It’s Barbie Bitch! Grr! Doesn’t it look like that’s what she was screaming? The hip hop heavyweight champion of the year covered Blackbook’s March issue with fun and bright neon shades. 

    Bey looks ridiculously amazing on the cover of Dazed and Confused July issue. The neon, the nails, the ice-cream, the bedroom eyes – flawless!

    Naomi Campbell went plastic for Soon International’s #16 cover. How is this chick still modeling? #Work!

    I got so…much…LIFE from this Vogue Italia March cover. It’s so obnoxiously flashy and I live for it. This is who I aspire to be!

    Elle Fanning has to be my favorite Fanning but that’s beside the point. She looked so adorable and angelic for the cover of LOVE’s Fall issue. 

    This one is going down in the books! Chloe Sevigny as Terry Richardson shot by Terry Richardson! I know, WTF right?!

    Hate them if you want but this cover is life! It’s commercial, it’s sexy, it’s fun, it’s glamour…really it’s Glamour’s Jan 2012 cover. The Kardashians aren’t going anywhere and they are kicking off the 2012 with the cover! Love it up and love it down.

    Let’s not forget PRADA was the ultimate coverbrand of the year.

    Of course there were many other great moments that occurred in 2011 but these are just a few of the favs! Have a happy New Year everyone! Stay safe!



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    Sparkle Shoes!

    I was looking for some sparkly shoes (just because it’s the holidays!) and I came across some shoe porn. Get your kicks. 

    Jeffrey Campbell



    Michael Antonio

    Jeffery Campbell



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    My latest obsession is ultra convertible brand Jia Collection. The line consists of luxurious pieces that can be worn several different ways. How’s that for keeping your wardrobe fresh? I first found out about Jia Collection last year when I met the designer, Jia Li. Jia is an amazingly creative designer who caters to women who have impeccable taste and a desire for style variety! It’s like getting a 5 for 1 deal with every piece. Take a look at some of my fav pieces from her current Fall collection.

    Even Oprah has fallen in love with Jia Li! The 6-way winter coat was featured in O Magazine’s November issue.

    I don’t know about you, but I get super bored wearing the same ol’ coat day after day all winter. This keeps it interesting and fresh! 

    Learn more about Jia

    Like on Facebook

    Check out her blog!

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    Style Era-era-era: 80’s Baby!

    Ok so I only experienced the last two years of the ’80s but thanks to Nick @ Nite reruns of The Facts of Life and The Cosby Show, I have witnessed the ridiculously dope style of the ’80s. I love the baggy, oversized, colorfulness, and hip-hopcracy of the ’80s. The acid wash jean, the hair, girl what?! Definition of funky. 

    '80's Style Inspirations

    The King of Pop’s style is legendary! I would give my last pineapple gummi bear for that jacket. And believe me I LOVE pineapple gummi bears…TRUST.

    Chiiillld, if I can only get my hands on David Bowie’s blazer.

    Denise Huxtable was the baddest bitch of the ’80s. Hands down.

    Grace Jones and those shoulder pads. YES.

    Janet’s cool but comfy look is one of my usual go-to styles. 

    Queen of provocative, Madonna inspires my trashy yet sexy side! 

    What’s the ’80s without Molly Ringwald?

    Ok so I’m not all ’80s; I twist in a bit of a vintage feel into my look — ranging from 30’s-50’s. You know, real classy like. Call me an old soul but I love grandma style! The sweaters, the sequin embroideries, the pearls, the hoisery — it’s so feminine. As a child I would raid my Grandma’s closet. Don’t judge me! Half of these “style icons” that you all fawn over wear grandparent clothes. All that vintage…girl. Imagine that same person in that same outfit only 70 years older. Think about it! 

    My Vintage Inspirations

    I would rock this dress any day of the week. Yass Audrey Hepburn! *snaps*

    Dorothy Dandridge’s style was so simple and girly. High waist skirts are one of my favorite pieces!

    Marilyn Monroe made anything super sexy, including this striped turtleneck dress.

    Josephine Baker’s style is so glamorous and sexy. I’m waiting for an occassion to wear one of my own long gowns. For now I just lounge around the house and pretend that filthy rich. 

    Ugh! Lucille Ball, I live for you. That hair, makeup, that style — I LOVE. Whenever I’m feeling classy I go straight to this!

    IFB you be knowing!

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    Versace for H&M Celebration!

    Well if you haven’t heard by now, the Versace + H&M event on Tuesday was the biggest thing thus far and if you missed it, there’s nothing to your life. Don’t worry I missed it too (almost got the chance to go…ah well!)  Anywho! Thank goodness for the internet. One of my fav blogs, gave me so much life with their review on the spectacular night!

     Last night Versace and H&M pulled out all the stops–and we mean all of them–to put on a runway show and party to celebrate their collaboration, which hits stores on November 19. Pier 57 was transformed into “Versace Hall” complete with a mirror-walled cocktail lounge (made to resemble Versace’s show space in Milan) and a wood paneled runway in a pattern that seemed to mimic Versace’s Greek fret motif (and also ensured everyone got a front row seat).

    Everyone except Anna Wintour was there…

    Well, now I don’t feel so bad :-)

    I’m hearing that Prince slayyyyyyyyed his performance and Nicki was over-the-top and fantastic (she also performed for the Victoria’s Secret Show last night)!  Versace stans like Jessica Alba, Jennifer Hudson, Uma Thurman, and many more attended wearing the H&M collection. Capture a glimpse of the night below!

    Donatella Versace and H&M’s Creative Advisor Margareta van den Bosch

    Nicki Minaj and Donatella. Nicki and fashion…they just go so well together!

    Prince and (perhaps his latest muse) Andy Allo

    Jessica Alba wearing a dress from the collection. CUTE!

    I’m in love with all-over print suits and Alan Cumming is wearing the hell out of it!

    Runway shots!


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    Shoe Sunday: Isabel Marant High-Tops!

    Isabel Marant’s high-top sneakers have become a must-have ever since it was featured in Beyonce’s Love on Top music video.

    The shoe is made of suede, leather, and canvas and has a gripping rubber sole. With a cleverly….[READ MORE OF MY ARTICLE ON CHIC REPUBLIQ!]

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    Beyonce performed Love on Top in a glittery Dolce & Gabbana tux at MTV’s VMAs this year. The ensemble was just a taste of what is in the music video. 

    Mama Bey wore 3 insanely cute tuxedos in the vid plus a pair of sneakers!! 

    Bey wears her traditional leotard with a funky captain’s hat and a pair of Isabel Marant high-tops. Never thought I would see the day! Bey still looks just as fab as she does in heels.

    Skipping an entire 2nd verse (what’s up with that?), Bey cuts to a black and gold fitted tux. The sexy menswear is such a great style!

    Bam! And just like that, Beyonce dons a bright white and black tux. Super spiffy!

    Beyonce then rocks an ultra-fab black tux with a top hat and can. Can you say “King Bey”?

    Ending it off, she rips off her bottoms and reveal those sexy Beyonce legs we all love and want!

    Watch the video bey-low! :-)

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    So I’ve been gagging since New York and now I am convinced the fashion industry is trying to kill us all. Save yourselves! Block all fashion websites and burn that WWD! Take a look at some of the lethal greatness!

    Limi Feu


    Blumarine…THOSE SHOES!

    Salvatore Ferragamo (including the one above). SO.DAM.FAB.

    Gareth Pugh…I bet $50 Rihanna will wear this….but then again she’s gonna be a grunge glamour girl this year….hmm, I know the red headed Rih would.

    WHATTTTTT! (Gareth Pugh) I think Lady Gaga has this on order already. 

    I am only posting a few of my favs, some of the latest. For an in-depth (and calmer) review of my fashion week favorites read my articles on!

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    Just stumbled upon this….I kind of miss the red hair for her. But tell me this pic isn’t giving you LIFE! Yasss Rih! Loving her latest single “We found Love”….#nowplaying

    Just stumbled upon this….I kind of miss the red hair for her. But tell me this pic isn’t giving you LIFE! Yasss Rih! Loving her latest single “We found Love”….#nowplaying

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    I Want to Be Prada for Spring :-)

    SS12 collections have been giving me life support for the past couple weeks. Prada stole my heart with its winning collection. I breathe for the Spring jackets, I survive for the leather pleated skirts, and I sustain for the adorable onsie pieces! This collection was very sweet and sassy.

    Inspired by old Hollywood (as many designers have been lately) Miuccia created pin-up girl looks continuing with the vintage theme she did for her men’s collection.

    Take a look at the fab details from the show -

    Everything about this collection makes me feel all warm and cozy inside :-) Can’t wait for the sunshine again! 

    Photo Credit-

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    A couple weeks ago I attended the Handbag Designer 101 Collective Event. As promised, I am going to show you the latest collection of (my fav of that evening) Michelle Monroe.

    Everything is glam with an edge! Designer of the namesake brand wants to produce the perfect handbag for fashionable women of any age. 

    Kazzle and Michelle are holding up a MUST-HAVE! I am in la-la-LOVE with the skull theme she’s got goin’. It’s so quirky, yet scary, yet trendy (that’s the descriptions of many fashionistas as well.)

    There’s also a bit of humor in this collection (which I love!). Michelle is what I call a true visionary, an artist, her mind is just out of this world. Who puts eye lashes on a skull? Usually you see the skull used in a “badass, don’t eff with me” sort of way. You never see the skull as pretty. I loved it!

    All Michelle Monroe clutches are handmade! Talk about quality and care. I was shocked to learn that these intricate designs and shapes were constructed by one person. It takes Michelle and her assistant 6-7 hours to make just one clutch. 

    The universality is quite evident in the style of the bag. You or your grandmother can wear one of these bags and both would look appropriate. The classic vintage box shape and the edgy designs make it an interesting piece for anyone!

    I’m also in love with the bigger handbags. This is so simple and effortlessly chic. 

    This is the artist, designer, founder herself - Michelle.

    Learn more about Michelle Monroe on her site

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