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    Over The Weekend : Bar 89

    Over the weekend I went to a chic little spot in Soho — Bar 89 (Located on 89 Mercer St.) The ambiance was so chill and the place looked like an art gallery. What’s even cooler is the bathroom — the stall doors are clear glass but frost up whenever in use (awesome!).

    What started out as a quick little dinner with 2 of my girl friends turned into an all-nighter full of laughter and new friends. After a getting super fat on wings and this ammaaaaazing butter rum cake, my friends and I were getting ready to head out. Owner of the┬árestaurant, Torrin, and his business partner Errol caught up with us just as we were leaving. They kept us entertained, laughing, and overall feeling just relaxed —now that’s hospitality!

    Torrin and I

    I encourage everyone to make a stop there this weekend. It’s the perfect spot for quiet evening date or just kickin’ it with some close friends. You won’t be┬ádisappointed!

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